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5 random facts about you then tag 10 people to say 5 random facts about them tagged by the lovely layyourspellstobed

1. I have a new puppy named Buster and he’s the coolest cat around (jokes). He’s SUPER hyper in the morning and early evening and sleeps the rest of the time. But I like playing with him and my older dog Willie and I talk to them when we’re alone which is totally weird but they don’t seem to mind.

2. I’ve been thinking about places I want to live after this Iowa-Chicago hybrid breaks up in 2-3 years. I really want to go to NYU for grad school and I like these Russian/Jewish/Chinese neighborhoods on the southern end of Brooklyn called Bath Beach and Brighton Beach. They’re not super “cool” and “edgy” neighborhoods but the rents cheap and it’s by the beach. I’ve also realized I REALLY want to live in Seattle with ancillary interests in Philadelphia and LA. I think too much about this.

3. I’m starting to get interested with Satanism and fictional portrayals of the Devil and what it says about humanity. More on this later…

4. I got sick today and missed a super cool X-Files watch party I was supposed to go to and I feel super lame and guilty because of it. Stupid blood snot (yeah, I know, TMI get over it).

5. So I came up with a dumb and pretentious label for my religious beliefs. Catholic Agnostic. The churches teachings on poverty, social justice, and care for other humans still has an effect on me but I fundamentally reject it’s blatant homophobia and sexism and I don’t really believe in a god, but I don’t have enough evidence to 100% rule out the existence of god, but I’m probably more Agnostic than Catholic. But both identities define me enough to be applied to me. I hope that makes sense.

Okay, not tagging ten people, look for yer name in the tags

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It’s episode 3. We talk spooky stuff. It’s spooky. It’s (spooky) fun, (spooky) smart and (spooky) sentimental. Have (spooky) fun!

Special Guest: (Spooky) Selena Frandsen

Stuff we referenced: 


A Brief History Of Time Machines (Schemawound) / CC BY-NC 3.0

Spooky Podcast with spooky friends Selena, Vincent, and I about spooky stuff. I like it and I hope you do too!

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Somehow, the governmental authorities in charge of podcasting regulations have not shut us down yet, so we decided to come back with a second episode! Today we venture into the murky world of “Back to the Future”, both the movie and the concept. Be wary of the return of the Ghost of Barry Goldwater, Time Genocide, and Vincent’s self-centered time travel ideas. Enjoy!

Special Guest: Leo Leventhal

Delusion 6 (pHoaming Edison) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

A podcast my friend Vincent and I did. It’s *quality*.

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This map, by Kevin Cannon, shows the ten distinct regions of Florida.


This map, by Kevin Cannon, shows the ten distinct regions of Florida.


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Waves by John


Waves by John

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